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The Grand Tour: Eurocrash – Richard Hammond Crashes In Upcoming Episode

In the forthcoming special episode of ‘The Grand Tour: Eurocrash‘, Richard Hammond encounters a heart-stopping incident. Filming within the cockpit of a high-speed F1 car, this segment promises a hefty dose of thrill and suspense.

The hosts of the show – Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May – charted a journey across Europe, spanning 2,000 kilometres. Their expedition, starting in Poland and concluding in Slovenia, takes an exhilarating turn at the Tor Poznań race track in Poznań, Poland.

An amusing exchange ensues between Hammond and Clarkson, wherein Clarkson, struggling to fit into an F1 car, queries Hammond about how to navigate this issue. The answer, delightfully candid and cheeky, suggests Clarkson should “be less fat!”.

For those familiar with the show, Hammond’s reputation precedes him – he has experienced terrifying crashes before on Top Gear and The Grand Tour. The 2006 incident, which put him in a coma, and the severe Rimac crash in 2017 are still fresh in the memories of many viewers. So, to see Hammond settling into the seat of an F1 car in the trailer surely raised quite a few eyebrows.

In the teaser trailer, we witness Hammond take on the race track in the formidable F1 car, before an apparent mishap occurs. While the actual crash is left unseen in the trailer, viewers are left on the edge of their seats, bracing for the inevitable impact.

Adding to the surge of excitement is the official announcement of the air date for this electrifying episode – and it’s closer than fans may have anticipated. Be sure to mark your calendars for 16th June 2023, to witness the high-octane shenanigans of ‘The Grand Tour: Eurocrash’.

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