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The Grand Tour Producer Reveals Perfect Location For Upcoming Episode

The Grand Tour executive producer, Andy Wilman, has revealed the location that he wants the show to go to next.

The latest episode, The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick, was recently released and has been very well received so far. Viewers saw the hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, travel around Norway in rally cars doing a number of crazy challenges. This included the much-reported tunnel race which ended with May hospitalised with a broken rib, towing cabins around the snowy landscapes and also racing over an iced lake.

We have previously seen Grand Tour specials in Madagascar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Scotland. Wilman has already revealed that the next special has been filmed in Eastern Europe, although there is no news on when this episode will be released.

In an interview with the press, Wilman went on to explain where they have always wanted to go but it has always been difficult to do. He explained:

“We have always wanted to go – for its beauty – to Iran, but we’ve never managed to get in there, it’s just tricky and tricky and tricky.

“That’s always been on our….Christ knows what we would do but we’ve always wanted to go there. That’s our number one.”

Hammond has also explained how it is difficult to choose the next location for a show. He said:

“We’re always casting around but it becomes increasingly difficult looking at the world, obviously, because a lot of it is at war or inaccessible and that’s a sad truth.”

When asked where he would like to take the show next, Hammond said:

“I don’t know, we’re always looking. I love our adventures, I’ve been so, so lucky to get to do it.

“I’m just an idiot little bloke from Birmingham who 20 years ago was given the chance and I’m very grateful.”

Hammond went on to explain that the show does not need to travel all around the world. Speaking about the two specials that were filmed around Covid-19 restrictions, Lochdown and Carnage a Trois, he said:

“We made those two shows under lockdown conditions and I’m not in anyway decrying those or doing those down, I thought they were brilliant.

“And they reminded us that it’s not just about having the most spectacular locations, it’s sometimes just about us three being idiots together, sharing our passion for cars in a different way.

“It stripped us back to reminding us who we really are and it doesn’t need to be somewhere inaccessible, so it did us good actually.”

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