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Richard Hammond Is The Dad We All Want To Have

Even amidst the time drainer that is the filming of The Grand Tour (special episodes only, ladies and gents!), our favourite family man always manages to make time to spend with his wife and two daughters.

As you know, he’s open to them being involved in his many projects, including a recent video from his YouTube channel that you guys seemed to love!

In the past he’s been spotted taking his wife Mindy and two daughters, Willow and Isabella, out between stints of filming, and he’s always there to be there for his daughters when they need him, despite his heavy work schedule, which now includes an extra project which he’s filming for Amazon: Richard Hammond’s Big. It’s no secret that he’s an incredible father.

Mindy wrote in her column a few months ago that Hammond, even though he’d just landed in the country a few hours earlier, sat down at the table with Izzy ‘with reams of practice papers’ to help her revise for her GCSE exams.

Of course, the revision became side-tracked with Richard asking his daughter questions such as, “What does your father do for work?” and, “And is your father handsome?”, but what else is a father for than to embarrass his daughter? And this is Hammond, he finds it very difficult to take most things seriously, let alone attempting to speak another language.

If you’re interested – and you should be – Mindy’s column can be found here.

As you know, Hammond is no longer going to be pushing himself to the limits in the coming episodes of The Grand Tour after his Rimac crash during Season 3. That must have been a real scare for the Hammond family, especially with his history of not-so-soft-landings.

But his fatherly nature will always outweigh the feeling of anxiety the family must get if he’s out doing something stupid with Hammond and May. This is the man who was trapped in traffic by flooding, so decided to run 16 miles through torrential rain to be with his daughter for her 4th birthday, after all.

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