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Why Does Richard Hammond Love Porsche So Much?

It’s no secret at all that Richard Hammond has a love affair with Porsche. He has never been shy about his love for the brand, and more often than not if given the choice of a car, he will show up in some form of Porsche. This guy loves Porsche like I love Mustangs, and that kind of fandom I can totally relate with.

In the Facebook Q&A held on September 22nd, Hammond was asked about his love of Porsche and responded:

“I like their functionality and their fitness for purpose. I also like the whole dynamic where the engine is and what that does. It’s doing less and less as the engine creeps forward decade by decade, but still if you floor it, it’s still a two wheel drive and will go lighter in the front, the steering comes alive in your hands, and I would definitely know I was in one blindfolded. I wouldn’t drive it blindfolded, because…crash.”

To which James replied with a helpful “Looks like you’ve done that a bit.”

His love for Porsche is certainly understandable. I’m not head over heels in love with Porsche but I can understand why people are. There are always other supercars that are faster or more crazy looking, but Porsche is just good at what they do. They make good cars over and over (even the Panamera) and it’s hard to find fault with a company that sticks with what they know best.

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