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Richard Hammond Makes the Day of a 9 Year Old Boy at Loch Ness Taping

Richard Hammond is no stranger to kindness with a bigger heart than his small stature will ever lead you think. Remember the story of the flood and daughter’s birthday? or the pink lamborghini? Well, this isn’t as dramatic, but to a 9 year old boy, it was everything.

The boys have been filming around Loch Ness these past few days and apparently have been enjoying the amazing views, such as the one captured by Jeremy Clarkson:

But the real beauty was the time Richard Hammond took to meet with a 9 year old boy, Kayden Platt, who waited around the set to meet his favorite of all the hosts.


Although Hammond was in a hurry (with reports of him leaving his co-hosts to fly off in a £6500 helicopter ride), Hammond took the time to give Hayden an autograph, despite it being an old Top Gear book and taking some time to chat with the young boy. Hayden’s dad gave the following take on the experience:

“He’s delighted. He just loves the three guys and Hammond is his absolute favorite so it was a real treat for him.”

“We just hung about waiting for them to come out and we got lucky that he took the time to stop.”

h/t: The Press and Journal

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