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Richard Hammond Pleads For Us All To Stay At Home Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Richard Hammond is the second presenter of The Grand Tour to post a video to social media pleading for people to stay at home after Jeremy Clarkson’s serious, but hilarious video yesterday.

The video shows Hammond, sat on a short stool with his wife Mindy stood behind him slowly chopping away at his hair with a pair of scissors as he talks to the camera.

“Hello,” he begins. “I’ve been asked to join the many voices reminding us all right now the importance of staying at home.

“It’s our best shot at protecting the NHS, which God knows we need, and at beating this virus.

“So please, please, heed the advice and stay at home.”

He goes on to explain that his wife Mindy is cutting his hair, which is exciting, and the fact that he’s cuddling the cute dog on his lap which would hopefully increase the reach of his message.

He concludes by saying that if people are worried about jobs, for example hairdressers, then they needn’t worry, because this video is proof that he will be back as soon as he can be.

Everyone stay safe, follow NHS guidelines, and stay at home. We’re here for you.

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