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Richard Hammond Reacts To Not Being Allowed On Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm

With Jeremy Clarkson’s latest solo series Clarkson’s Farm becoming one of the most popular and highly praised pieces of television he’s ever created, fans were quick to ask whether he’d ever be joined by fellow Grand Tour presenters Richard Hammond and James May at Diddly Squat.

Of course, Jeremy replied with a very obvious, “not in a million years,” which quickly put rumours to bed that the ex-Top Gear presenters would be joining Jeremy for the confirmed Season 2.

But now, in a recent interview with This Morning, Richard has reacted to not being allowed at the farm. 

richard hammond standing next to his opel kadett oliver

Jeremy Clarkson And Kaleb Cooper Return To Farming For Season 2 Of Clarkson’s Farm

“I read that!” he said, before continuing to give great praise to the farming show. “I mean, I love the show. The key thing about the show, and you can tell when you watch it, is that it is a genuine passion.

“It’s not for effect and it’s not just for telly. It’s genuinely something he wanted to get to grips with, and that’s fantastic. That shines through. It wouldn’t be as convincing and as entertaining as it is if it weren’t true. That’s what’s at the heart of it.”

Richard also has an upcoming series for Discovery, currently with the working title of Richard Hammond’s Workshop. It will follow Richard and his colleagues as they attempt to create a successful car restoration company, named The Smallest Cog.

Talking to the London Classic Car Show about it, he said the following:

“It’s in my bones.

“My grandfather was a coachbuilder; he worked at Mulliners in Birmingham and thereafter at Jensen in West Bromwich. I’ve always wanted to prove to him that there’s more to me than driving around the world, talking about other people’s supercars, crashing them and then pretending to weld them up in a desert. 

“It’s also about a passion of mine to preserve crafts – my grandfather could work with wood, metal and just about anything. I wanted to do something real in the car industry rather than just being a commentator on the outside of it. This business is the perfect opportunity for me to do that.”

Richard Hammond To Sell 8 Of His Own Vehicles To Fund ‘The Smallest Cog’

A release date is yet to be revealed, but as always, we’ll keep you updated. 

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  1. I sincerely hope JC was joking? I would have my life long friends on my show. It would make for superb telly. I wish them all well, not that they need it.

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