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The Grand Tour Bumped Into Top Gear While Filming In Scotland Along With Others

The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown has hit the screens after a long wait for fans, but executive producer of the show and previously Top Gear, Andy Wilman, has shed light on how everyone and their dog had the same idea while they couldn’t film globally.

Not only were Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May forced to obey COVID regulations, including strict social distancing and travel bans during filming for Lochdown, but also had to abide by local religious rules. 

Richard Hammond Reacts To Not Being Allowed On Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm

Because of these, they had to shut down filming on certain days. 

The interview began with Andy describing Scotland as a filming location:

“I’d say visually, it stands out, even though it’s not far away and in relative terms, it stands up to anywhere in the world in terms of beauty.

“It’s stunning,” he said, before admitting that it isn’t perfect thanks to religious beliefs that cut down filing opportunities.

“It is quite out there in that we couldn’t work on a Sunday, because of the religious rules in the local community.

“If we lifted a finger, it’s a dispensation. So you are going to a community that is very distinct and very of its own rules, customs and so on.”

Despite this, The Grand Tour team found that there were plenty of other filming crews that had had the same idea, including Top Gear.

“It was out there but also it’s quite hilarious that wherever we went, we were tripping over other film crews because everyone had the same idea.

“‘Where’s the nearest most beautiful place I could go?’ So we walk into this hotel in the middle of nowhere.

“Joanna Lumley’s in the reception with her film crew and she should have been in Timbuktu, but now she’s in Scotland.

“I walk out the door and a cameraman comes around the corner. I’m like, ‘You’re not on our show,'” Andy joked.

“He goes, ‘No, I’m doing SAS down the road’. Every b****y show you can think of; League of Their Own, Top Gear,” Andy told The Express.

“We’re all piling into Scotland. So that was quite funny,” he finished.

Fortunately, they were able to put together a brilliant film for a July release, and with Richard now teasing a second part, we’re getting very excited for this year’s Grand Tours. 

The Grand Tour: Richard Hammond Teases A Second Part To The Lochdown Special

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