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Richard Hammond Reveals His New Show On Amazon Prime Video

While we’re still waiting for the next episode of The Grand Tour to be released by Amazon Prime, presenter Richard Hammond has taken to YouTube to reveal that, just like his co-presenters, he too has a new show coming soon. James May has just revealed his new cooking show, named ‘Oh Cook’, and we’ve known about Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘I Bought The Farm‘ show for quite a while, so it’s no surprise that Hammond also has something tucked up his sleeve.

We’ve actually known about this new show, that puts Hammond alongside Tory Belleci of Mythbusters, for quite a while, but it’s been a long time in the making. But it’s not a shock it’s taking such a long time to create, thanks to the issues that Covid is creating. Hammond still expects the show to be “unlike anything that’s been done before”. Sounds promising.

The show will be based on a desert island, where the hosts are to use their knowledge of science to not only survive, but sur-thrive. Hammond’s words, not ours.

Hammond seems to be very excited to be taking on such a different style of show, especially after we’ve all noticed The Grand Tour get a little dry lately, I’m sure Clarkson, Hammond and May are having similar thoughts, hence the moves to their own programmes.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot else we know, as things are obviously well under wraps at least until the proper promotions begin. what we do know, is that the show is currently being edited, so it could be this side of Christmas we get to see it.

It’s safe to say, with the lack of The Grand Tour, we’re very excited to get anything from the trio. It looks like there’s plenty of TV left in the three.

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