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Richard Hammond Rips Into Jeremy Clarkson In New Show: The Great Escapists

The Great Escapists aired today on Amazon Prime Video, starring The Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond and tory Belecci of Mythbusters, and quickly, it was obvious that Hammond wasn’t pulling any punches when it came to Jeremy Clarkson.

Shipwrecked on a desert island, both presenters are forced to fight to survive by picking apart the wreckage. But along the way, Hammond takes a few shots at fellow presenter Clarkson. By browsing the behind the scenes X-Ray feature on Amazon, you can find a clip that shares a rather inappropriate but hilarious joke from Hammond, bearing in mind this is a show for children.

Hammond and Tory are racing to build their vehicles for a race across sand, and they’ve found a sack that looks like a person. They’ve named this sack Jeremy, and he’s holding the checkered flag. They also fixed a wire to the sack’s arm, that would allow the sack to drop the flag when they pull on it. Multiple attempts from Tory showed that it didn’t always work.

Tory joked: “Maybe I should have tied it a little bit better, it’s not easy pulling off Clarkson.”

Richard replied: “I thought it would have been easier than that.”

Hammond also took a stab at the ex-Top Gear presenter when holding an old football:

“Old, leathery and out of shape…I shall call you Clarkson,” he announces.

Other bloopers show Hammond messing up his lines a few times while creating something from seaweed, and struggling to light a fire in an oven.

Overall, the new show is receiving mixed reviews, mostly for the fact it’s aimed more at children than adults. Let us know what you think, though.

It’s available to watch now on Amazon Prime Video.

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