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Top Gear Host Rory Reid Reaches Out to James May on Twitter

The Grand Tour has premiered and all the reviews from the critics instantly compare the show to the current version of Top Gear. It’s understandable and expected, as well as the reactions from the current batch of hosts, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid.

So far, we haven’t heard anything from LeBlanc and Harris, but Reid took to Twitter (17,000 followers) to send a interesting tweet to Captain Slow, James May (2.78M followers). It’s obviously a painting of a bull that represents who and what Jeremy Clarkson is, but the smaller parts of the painting may be lost on small mobile devices where James May and Richard Hammond are tiny little figures on the back of the Jezzza Bull.

Take it for what it’s worth or is there an inside joke that we’re all missing? Was it Rory having fun with a fellow car journalist or a social media savvy way of trying to get a piece of May’s 2.8M followers?

As we have seen from his recent comments on Chris Evans, James May definitely knows how to take the high road when need be. On the other hand, we’ve seen May respond directly to Evans as he defends his friends.

“That’s quite good actually,” he said. “Zippy? That’s Hammond. Is Bungle nice? I’ll be Bungle. Jeremy is George. A bit of good-natured sparring is great for everybody.” – Independent

This time, May looks like he’s taking the high road again and deflecting the tweet as just fun humor to be had about Clarkson.

The boys have spoken before about having a rivalry with Top Gear to help push each other and to give the world two quality automotive shows, so if this is friendly bantering that stokes the fires of competition, let’s get it on.

What do you think of the painting?

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