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Richard Hammond Says He “Messed Up” In His Car Selection, For A Massive Hunt

The long-awaited Madagascar Special, we now know as A Massive Hunt will be available online in just a few weeks. Richard Hammond now admits that he “messed up” on selecting a vehicle for the Special. A Massive Hunt is an apparent race to find treasure across the island of Madagascar.

Hammond said in an interview, “I think my choice of car was a little questionable and then my choice of modifications, but that’s only because it was the toughest terrain we’ve ever encountered.

“When we heard it was going to be really tough, we thought, ‘Well it’s us, and we’ve driven all over the world many many times, we’ll be fine.’

“But it was the most punishing and brutal terrain I think I’ve ever driven anything across, and it turned out my modifications weren’t brilliant. I messed up a bit.”

When asked if he regretted his car selection, he said: “Well, yes, to be honest,” he said. “It was something I wanted to do for years, and I wanted to know if it worked but never actually had a chance to do it. But as we set off, I thought, ‘Have I made a bit of a donkey of myself? And I’m going to become the crippled car, and everyone’s going to laugh at it.'”

Richard Hammond's new Morgan Plus Six

The car selection for this episode is quite odd. With no apparent rhyme or reason of the selection it appears that the only thing all these cars have in common is they have four wheels and an engine. James is driving the track beast Caterham, Jeremy in the Bentley Continental, and Richard in a Ford Focus RS. This odd bunch of vehicles certainly comes as a surprise after seeing the trio’s previous car choices.

Usually, they will at least be from the same class of vehicle and most of the time cost around the same too—this time, however, they could not be different in every way. The difference in price between the Ford and the Bentley is over $150,000, with the Caterham somewhere in the middle. The Special will be available on December 18th on Amazon Prime.

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