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Richard Hammond Teases New Episodes Of The Grand Tour

In a recent interview with Good Morning Britain, Richard Hammond has teased future episodes of The Grand Tour after a long hiatus off the screen thank to the current global pandemic. It’s no shock that alongside Jeremy Clarkson and James May, Richard Hammond and the team have had a hard time exploring ideas that are actually possible.

Richard has given us more information as he talked to Susanna Reid and Adil Ray of the show, while teasing future episodes.

“Tour, that’s the main problem,” Richard replied. “It has been a bit difficult, but we are continuing to explore what we can do. 

“Actually, we have done, but I can’t talk about it at length now because somebody will shout at me somewhere, but we have done a few local, UK based ones and they’ve been great fun and we’re really pleased about them.” 

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We know that there are two episodes of The Grand Tour which are yet to hit the streaming service, Amazon Prime Video. The first, recorded last year, sees them in Scotland with three American cars. Since then, they’ve also been spotted in Wales and Warwickshire with a trio of French cars.


Hammond was questioned about this, but denied to answer.

“We know about one, wasn’t there a parking incident?” Adil added. “You were parking up – we’ve got a clip of this.” 

You can watch the video in question below:

Richard, unfortunately, declined to answer in fear of being told off, but we know that the episode in question will cover two groups of French cars. Watch the video below to see what went down. 

The Grand Tour themselves even shared shared photos of this on Twitter:

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