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Richard Hammond Thought James May Had “Had It” When He Saw Grand Tour Crash Aftermath

Richard Hammond revealed on The Morning that he thought co-host, James May, had died when he had the horrendous crash in the latest special, The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick.

Referring to May’s crash, Hammond explained:

“Oh, I thought he’d had it!”

This Morning host Holly Willoughby, said:

“For him it was a bit of a scary one. I mean we heard Jeremy at the time going ‘it’s a big one'”

Hammond explained what happened from his point of view, as he was at the other end of the tunnel:

“Oh yeah. Well, I ran up that tunnel thinking ‘eek’ and then saw the car and thought, ‘Oh this could be bad’ and then [I was] relieved that the old spaniel got out of the car, shook his head and he was alright”

The latest special of The Grand Tour shows the trio travelling around Norway in their choice of rally-inspired road cars and can be watched on Prime Video.

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