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Richard Hammond To Host Car Meet Alongside The Stig And Notable Personalities

Drivetribe’s first-ever car meet will be hosted at Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford on the 15th of October by none other than Richard Hammond and the Drivetribe crew. Drivetibe’s YouTube page posted the ad for the car meet with a link to the booking page which leads you to all the details you need to book your tickets.

To be honest, it seems like there’s quite a bit planned for petrolheads for the entire day from 10:00 AM to 5 PM. The meet is open to all petrolheads, as the page mentions:

“Whether you own a Volkswagen or a Vulcan, a Pagani or a Polo, all petrolheads and car nuts are welcome to our first meet.”

Speaking of what one could expect if they bought tickets to the event- they’d definitely spot a few of the Drivetribe project cars that include Hammond’s favourites. I’m not sure if Oliver would be a part of it but there are high chances of it since there’s a photo of it on the booking page.

In addition, there would be an on-stage Q&A session with Richard Hammond who I’m sure would receive questions related to his crashes. Visitors should also expect to meet ‘Friends of Drivetribe’ that include some ‘VIPs’ and other YouTubers. Probably some influencers.

There’s also going to be a Show & Shine competition which sounds hilarious but of course, it’s going to be all about polished and waxed cars with owners being anal-retentive about every little detail. Also, there’s going to be a Go Karting competition against the Stig whose tickets need to be purchased separately at the venue. Ben Collins?

And if you’re the James May type, you’ll also be able to buy discounted tickets to the Haynes Motor Museum if you’ve been a part of the car meet, speaking of which, the tickets are limited in number. For £25.50, you can enter the car meet with your car and a mate of yours! Not bad eh?

UPDATE: The tickets to the Drivetribe car meet have been sold out. However, you can still buy tickets to the museum while they’re still available.

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