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Jeremy Clarkson Teases New “Fracking” Development on Diddly Squat

Something has been brewing on Diddly Squat today. No, it isn’t Hawkstone. It is “Fracking.” The Grand Tour’s presenter Jeremy Clarkson is back to work after a hot holiday in France. Lisa Hogan uploaded a video on her Instagram profile that shows Jeremy looking at some sort of drilling work being done on his farm.

Not far from the Diddly Squat Farm Shop, Clarkson can be seen wearing something he mocks quite often- a yellow hard hat and a high-viz vest. He and Hogan watched Kaleb Cooper and another team member operate a machine that seemed like the one you’d use to dig a borewell since it was dug into the ground as the camera crew recorded the action- mostly for Season 3 of Clarkson’s Farm.

Hogan was then heard saying: “Jeremy, what are we doing?” To which, Clarkson responded, “Fracking.” Funnily, I suspect Clarkson said that on purpose to annoy climate activists since Fracking is a term that commonly relates to digging the ground for the extraction of oil and natural gas.

Clarkson clearly mocked a lot of them through his reply, including the equipment that was being used as it produced a lot of noise. However, many took to the comments section to understand what was happening while the keyboard eco-mentalists waged war.

Some were clueless as one person asked for an answer by asking “What is happening here? Can someone please explain?” while another person was concerned about badgers and said:  “The racket going on inside those badger dens must be downright scary.”

Of course, there are people who link every human activity to the destruction of the planet. Such comments need to be highlighted to save the planet. Here’s such an example.

“And destroying the groundwater…”

Luckily, there were other saviors in the comments section who pointed out Clarkson’s sarcasm. They also said that the work being done on the farm is indicative of something being built on that spot in the near future. However, what is being planned is still a secret. Either, Clarkson could reveal it once it is ready, or we’ll have to wait for Season 3 of Clarkson’s Farm to release.

Here are some hilarious reactions:

“Lol I highly doubt it’s fracking lol just Jeremy’s way of winding people up for shits and giggles”

Someone’s going to be upset:

“this is good to see this should upset the liberals lefties and general wet wipes”

Prepare for an attack!

“Oh god prepare for the woke brigade or the just stop oil protesters chucking orange stuff on it lol😂”

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