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Richard Hammond To Present Yet Another TV Show Alongside The Grand Tour: Remarkable Rivers

Richard Hammond will be exploring the UK’s rivers in yet another TV series that will run alongside the production and airing of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video.

The new show named Remarkable Rivers, which will be aired on More4, will be hosted by the ex-Top Gear presenter as he explores the full length of the most interesting rivers within the UK. He’ll take us from the source of the river, right to the mouth, and will dive deep into the interesting people and places that live on it.

In this four-part series, we’ll explore the Severn, Test, Clyde, and Derwent and look into how these rivers keep the country moving forward economically and environmentally, and their importance in history.

The show is a co-production, with the companies Cardiff Productions, Ursus and Chimp Productions, all working on bringing us the show.

“Richard will get to enjoy the rivers, swimming, rafting and even paddle boarding down the route of the river, meeting the people for whom the river is a key part of their lives, either for travel, commerce, or recreation,” says Channel 4.

“The series will embrace new shooting styles and technology to give a unique perspective of each river from the riverbed and capture the abundance of British wildlife that relies on these important waterways.”

Richard Hammond will also return on The Grand Tour later this year as he, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May explore Scotland and the Hebrides Islands with three large and old American cars. He’s also no stranger to shows such as this, with him previously exploring some of the largest man-made structures across the country in a previous show under his own production company called Richard Hammond’s Big, and has appeared next to Tori Belleci on The Great Excapists.

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