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Richard Hammond Turns To Green Energy To Power His Home And Cars

In a sudden change of heart, The Grand Tour star Richard Hammond has turned his head to green energy.

Specifically, he’s looking to take his family home off the electricity grid to lower his carbon footprint. As well as this, he wants to convert a number of his cars to the same energy source, with his eventual aim being to either convert all of his cars, or recycle the cars that are unable to undergo the conversion.

According to Hammond’s PR team, he’s looking at an experimental type of energy source which involves input from himself or a family member. The concept attempts to convert kinetic energy into electricity by turning what the designers describe as a wheel connected to a generator like you’d find in a standard powerplant. With some digging, we’ve managed to get our hands on the blueprints for your perusal.

As you can see, the design involves Hammond himself running inside what seems to be a wheel. This wheel is connected to a battery that, as you can see from the blueprints, is charging.

According to Hamstercise, the company building this new piece of technology, the design can be shrunken down to fit inside a car’s footwell. Hammond seems eager to start the new project.

“I’ve been a runner for a long time. So being able to produce my own electricity from a hobby is a dream come true! For some reason, running in place seems almost natural, all I need now is a water bottle that hangs down so I can stay hydrated.”

Even Elon Musk seems interested and is proposing to put a team on the project to propel this into everyday lives. He had this to say:

“This concept has massive potential. Look at it this way, turn the wheel into a ball, and the user can pilot it in any direction while feeding batteries, while also having fun!”

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