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Richard Hammond Volunteers For Local NHS During Covid Crisis

Richard Hammond of Top Gear and now The Grand Tour fame has been volunteering for his local NHS during the lockdown caused by Covid. Driving his Tesla Model X, he’s been delivering prescription drugs to patients around his area.

“If this were one of my TV programmes, I’d deliver all the wrong drugs to the wrong houses and then probably have a massive crash and be a bigger drain on the NHS than I am a benefit,” he says to the camera from the driver’s seat.

“But this is real life, so I have to do it properly.

“Which means concentrate, Hammond.”

The video above, shared by BBC Gloucestershire, interviews several patients who have had to adapt to new lockdown rules. Getting their prescription drugs delivered to them has been, in some cases, literally life saving. By joining the ‘Pharmy Army’, Hammond has done his small bit to help the community at such a daunting time.

“People are, by and large, they appreciate the effort that’s being made to get those drugs to them because they simply couldn’t risk coming to a hospital, or anywhere else.

Like most things, if you do anything that you know is for the common good or for charity you get as much out of it an in this instance, yeah, for sure.”

Talking to an interview, the Grand Tour presenters said:

“They get what they need, we take the pressure of the hospitals, we’re all winners.”

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