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Scottish Town Tells The Grand Tour Hosts to Go Away

*Updated* – As Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May filmed their new scenes for The Grand Tour, some residents of a small Scottish Town near Loch Ness called Fort Augustus, members of the crew playing a prank, sprayed their displeasure with the hosts.

The Grand Tour crew tricked the hosts into thinking that the town anger was caused by all the chaos that followed the show’s traveling tent during their filming in the area. We can all use our imagination to know what kind of chaos the three hosts can bring to a quiet town, so it looks like the crew had a perfect opportunity to get them. The boys were filming a segment with Olympian cyclists, Sir Chris Hoy who arrived to the set via helicopter.


The Sun has all the photos of the graffiti, cover up and of course, a smiling Jeremy Clarkson.


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  1. This was done by the Grand Tours team and later taken off. However it certainly now echoes the sentiment of the villagers.

  2. But graffiti is ok in the area? Spacial awareness is obviously an issue for the “artist” maybe the paint fumes went to their head and they thought it was a bunch of MP’s arriving in nice cars on tax payers money.

  3. The graffiti was caused by the grand tour production team as a publicity stunt. Why would villagers graffiti their own village. Everyone is happy to have them around. Some villagers are not happy to have that image protrade of their village.

  4. Judging by the spelling, the message was not posted by Scotland’s best or brightest. Me thinks the town’s shoppes, pubs, and hotel owners were quite pleased with the presence of the GT entourage.

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