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The Best Moments From The Grand Tour: A Fan Made Video

With Season One behind us and Season Two somewhere on the horizon, it is now time for us fans to reflect. No, not on how good or bad Season 1 was, but rather what the best moments were. For better or worse, Season 1 of The Grand Tour had its fair share of memorable moments, whether it was the head scratching “Operation Desert Stumble” or a memorable trip through various towns that had more than a passing resemblance to various stages of, erm…”romance.”

YouTube user J P has compiled a collection of best moments from the first season of The Grand Tour, and watching it sure brings back some memories (from a month ago). Check out the video below, then read on for some more of my favorite moments from The Grand Tour: Season 1!

Anytime James Was Forced Into An Uncomfortable Situation

Honestly after a certain point, I just started to feel bad for the poor guy. Jeremy and Richard heckled James mercilessly throughout the season, even when he was injured! They pulled no punches; a completely new segment was created simply to put James into situations he hated (such as winching and drifting), and on more than one occasion, his steering knob and shift knob were replaced with, well, a “knob.” It beings back memories of forcing James’ stereo on a dubstep loop from back in the good old days.

Getting The Sat Nav To Recognize F*****g

As Steve Coogan so helpfully pointed out, Jeremy’s humor is not exactly highbrow. You know what? Screw highbrow. Sometimes I just want some sophmoric humor that I enjoyed in junior high. That’s what we get here, as the presenters tried to voice dictate the next town on their journey to the sat nav. Trying not to say the word “F*****g” in it’s entirety while getting a sat nav system to understand what you’re saying is a massive feat. 9 times out of 10, mine doesn’t know what the hell I’m trying to say, and that’s with me enunciating.

The Conversation Street Intros

Not all of these were funny, but I still remember when viewers started noticing that something was amiss in these little intro segments. From Jeremy’s heels to Richard’s giant mutant hand, the Conversation Street intros were at the same time hilarious, confusing, and just plain weird.

“Your Brother An Idiot”

A personal favorite of mine simply because we all know how difficult it can be to use voice dictation accurately. Of all the tech that we have today, this is probably one of the most crappily implemented ones. The playback of Jeremy’s dictation was funny, but nothing was funnier than James’ reaction. “Your brother an idiot? How would he know? He’s never even met my brother!” He seemed so put off by it.

Penis Christmas Sweater

Chalk this one up to another instance of juvenile potty humor. We all knew coming. We all knew it was scripted to happen. But in the grand tradition of “Arse Biscuits,” it was still hilarious, especially with the way James was standing, almost like a proud peacock displaying its plumage.


Warning: Baboons = deer symbol. Go figure. I never bothered to check if the sign actually existed or not, but if it does, then sheesh!

James’ Turd-mobile Disassembling Itself

It’s not simply the fact that James’ car fell apart for the second time in the episode (his mud-mobile disintegrated almost immediately after setting off), but it’s the image of James puttering about with a car built from poop and hay falling apart all over him that’s hilarious. I mean, a poop-mobile, wow. I can only imagine what James’ reaction was when he first saw the script.

Obviously not all the best moments were included in this piece (or the video), but that’s where you come in. What were your favorite moments of the season? Let us know in the comments below and on our Facebook page. And go give J P a follow on his YouTube channel!

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  1. I think the first four minutes of episode one were among the TV moments ever. ….that sequence perfectly captured what we were all hoping for.

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