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The Bugatti Yacht Makes Bugatti Cars Look Common

I was completely wrong; it turns out that the Batboat does exist and is made by Bugatti. Just look at the picture above and picture it in black (with a few extra armaments for good measure); it’s basically what I imagine Batman’s boat would look like! It’s not only sleek and beautiful…since it sports the Bugatti name, you can bet your butt it’s fast as well.

This impressive machine comes from a partnership between Bugatti and yacht maker Palmer-Johnson, and is inspired by Bugatti’s equally impressive Chiron supercar. The yacht, dubbed the Bugatti Niniette 66, is not surprisingly built for speed, considering the two companies hold five world speed records between them for their cars and yachts.

The Niniette 66 is intended for only two passengers (keeping with the “sport” theme), and has various features to allow it to go as fast as possible. Its hull has integrated side sponsons that functions as outriggers to provide extra stability, and the main hull is extra slim to aid in reduced fuel consumption and allows for a higher speed of 44 knots.

The yacht also uses a jet propulsion system as opposed to propellers, allowing it to operate in shallow Caribbean waters without the risk of bottoming out the prop. The cockpit includes a Bugatti steering wheel (which alone probably costs more than my house) and a futuristic, Tron-like infotainment display. All this makes for a incredible performance coming from a boat, but the fewatures don’t end there.

Comfort is also represented in the yacht, as the Niniette 66 has some luxurious accommodations. Below deck, you’ll find a bed and a seating area with a television, with everything made of carbon fiber and Bugatti logos dotting the room. Above deck, you have a fire pit and a hot tub. Yowza.

Bugatti and Palmer-Johnson plan to build only 66 of the Niniette 66, and will cost more money than I could ever count. However, if you happen to be a billionaire with a spare few million burning a hole in your pocket, why not get a Niniette 66 to go with your Chiron?

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