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The Grand Tour a Big Winner For Amazon With 1.5 Million First Streams

In the world of video games, you have something called a system seller. These are the games that sell themselves; people will buy an entire console simply to play a certain game. They couldn’t care less about the console itself; they just want this hot game that is driving everyone nuts. Great system sellers of the past include Goldeneye, Wii Sports, Halo, Super Mario Bros, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Streaming services have a similar concept, especially as services like Amazon and Hulu are looking to expand their original programming. Netflix is pretty much in a league of its own; it has plenty of “system sellers” from Stranger Things to their Marvel shows. Hulu is catching up with their own system seller A Handmaiden’s Tale. And what about Amazon Prime?

The first two shows that come to mind are inevitably The Man In the High Castle and The Grand Tour (though I personally have a soft spot for The Tick). As far as first streams go (the first show a new subscriber streams after signing up, or the system seller), The Grand Tour has proven to be a big winner for Amazon.

The first season of The Grand Tour had more than 1.5 million first streams at a cost of $49 per subscriber in the first season. Amazon also looks at something called the “cost per first stream;” basically the price it costs Amazon to hook a customer on Prime. Cost per first stream includes the cost of producing the show and marketing expenses divided by first streamers.

In that regard, The Grand Tour is a huge winner, with the lowest cost per first stream out of ten Amazon original shows. What this all means is that it would behoove Amazon to hang onto The Grand Tour as long as it can, granted the boys’ bodies don’t give out.



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