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Jeremy Weighs In On The Grand Tour Cancellation Rumors

It’s been a busy week for car fans. not only has the Geneva Motor Show been going full force, but rumors have also been floating around about the demise of our favorite motoring show. Looking around the interwebz, you can’t help but think that The Grand Tour is done after Season 3. But is it really done?

It seems that seeing Jeremy and Co. back on our screens and seemingly back to their old selves has fans hoping that the show will have a long, fruitful run like Top Gear. However, that was never meant to be the case. The Grand Tour was never meant to be more than a limited run. An unnamed insider mentioned:

“The whole thing is a huge storm in a teacup. There were only ever plans for three seasons, and the guys have only just finished filming the special episode that’s coming out between season two and season three, so they aren’t even in pre-production for series three yet, let alone series four.

Driving around the world for 12 hours a day, with brutal filming schedule often in far-flung destinations and arid deserts isn’t easy. They can’t do it forever!”

While these comments cannot be taken as fact, there is a kernel of truth to them. The boys aren’t exactly in their 20s anymore, and to make matters more confusing, Jeremy is the new host of another show. However, Jeremy has put these rumors to rest, at least for the time being.

All I will say for now is that, as usual, the reports are inaccurate.”

Alright, Jezza. We’ll take your word for it…for now.



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