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Top Gear: The Stig’s Reveal Was The Greatest TV Moment

There have been some intense moments on the box, haven’t there? The ending to Breaking Bad had the internet in tears, the Olympics is… pretty big, right? And the royal wedding, well that had the whole country watching (for a second before they realised it was as boring as every other wedding they’d been to).

But Top Gear has put on some of the best TV in the world, and the clip that I’m about to show you may top the lot.

The Stig‘s reveal as Micheal Schumacher was massive. His face lighting up as the crowd roared into rapturous applause as the helmet was pulled off sent tingles down your spine and into your accelerator foot. And to this day, could be one of the greatest clips of all time.

Of course, we know perfectly well that Schumacher wasn’t actually the Stig. It was in fact multiple people at this point, including Ben Collins. But this stunt did mean that the Formula 1 legend got to drive his Ferrari Enzo FXX on the Top Gear Test Track, and that was good enough for us.

Sadly, since Schumacher’s accident, we’ve heard very little from both him and his family, making this clip even more powerful. We’re still thinking of you, Schumy, and missing you greatly.

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  1. It was unbelievable, watched in Toronto and thank god back then there was no spoilers.

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