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What Car Does The Executive Producer Of The Grand Tour, Andy Wilman, Drive?

Everyone loves to be nosey don’t they? We all love those to read about the kind of cars that the rich and famous drive, especially when it comes to car nuts. Whether it’s Jeremy Clarkson and his infamous Ford GT, or Richard Hammond and his love affair with his Opel Kaddet called Oliver, or even James May and his stolen Alpine A110.

But what car does Grand Tour Executive Producer and Editor, Andy Wilman, drive? Well Jeremy, being the excellent journalist that he is, has asked the age old question for us during his DriveTribe interview with Mr Wilman himself:

Jeremy: Anyway, you’re in a Porsche now, what is it?

What is the model, what is the model I hear you scream. Well, either way, having a Porsche no matter what the model, is quite the luxury. However, it would seem that Mr Wilman has favoured practicality over speed:

Andy: Umm, the smaller 4×4, the Macan.

To be honest, we’re quite surprised by this. Don’t get us wrong, the Macan is a great car and we’d jump at the opportunity to own one. However, given that Mr Wilman is the executive producer and chief editor of the worlds current most successful car programme, he might have gone for something a little more exotic?

Then again, he has probably owned his fair share of uncomfortable but very fast supercars during his career and maybe he just wants something a bit more comfortable. Either way, we can’t blame him.


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