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The Grand Tour Arrives in Whitby and The Boys Want Fish

The boys are back home in the UK and have set up their tent in the little fishing village of Whitby. The Grand Tour and the boys have been having some fun with their social media accounts and it looks like they’re all going to grab some fish n’chips, which looks oddly familiar.

In February of 2015, Jeremy Clarkson was in town reviewing the BMW i8 and there was a segment in the show where he sat on the bench and had himself some fish and chips from Mr. Chips in Church Street.

“you get the best fish and chips in the world there.” – Jeremy Clarkson on Whitby’s culinary culture via Whitby Gazette

Now that they’re back in town, James May initiated the conversation to see if the boys wanted to grab some chips for old times sake!

The Grand Tour social accounts have definitely been one of the most interactive that we’ve seen. It’s great to see how inclusive they are in front of the camera with their tents, off the cameras, as we saw in California and on the net, as you can see with all their replies on their social accounts.

Hope to hear some more great things about the Whitby taping!


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