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The Grand Tour California: New Behind the Scenes Photos from the Studio

This past weekend, the boys visited California with their Grand Tent and thousands of fans drove out to the desert to see the boys!

The opening sequence was shot on Saturday, which we talked as much as we could about and the studio shoot was just completed yesterday in the big tent.

Here are some photos we were able to get. It looks like the boys were having a grand ol’ time:

From The Grand TourJeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May at the studio recording for episode one of The Grand Tour, in Dry Rabbit Lake, California. Hundreds of fans from across the U.S. travelled to the desert, near Lucerne Valley, outside of Los Angeles, California to be part of the first ever episode of Jeremy, Richard and James’ new show for Amazon Prime.  The Grand Tour will launch exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on 18th November.

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  1. My son and I arrived at the Saturday event in the1968 Mustang we had just finished restoring as a father-son project. This was especially poignant for me because prior to our discovering Top Gear on Netflix some years ago, my son had no interest in cars whatsoever. However, the show did awaken his passion, and we were able to spend many hours together sharing good times and bloodied knuckles in the garage working together. I am very gratetful to James, Richard, Jeremy, Andy Wilman, and the whole production team for creating such compelling programming. My daughter, now 10 years old, has already decided that she wants to start a project car with me–and she has already decided it must be a classic Mini, in red, with a Union Jack on the roof–just as Hammond drove in the India Special.

    Thanks gents, for giving this Dad more time with his children–laugjing at your antics together, and sharing our passions for cars.

    –Also, thanks to all for autographing my son’s white canvas shoe, the only (semi) suitable item he could produce for an autograph. James, the “Oh Cock!” notation is especially treausured!

  2. I was one of the lucky few that got one of the 200 tickets out of 1.2 million applications for Sunday’s studio taping. In fact, I can spot my wife in the top photo. I was informed by email just last Thursday that I got the tickets. The 6-hour drive from Arizona was well worth it as was the waiting and standing. Attending a taping of that-other-show-that-will-go-unnamed was a bucket list item for me. This was AWESOME! The trio was in top form, cracking jokes and interacting with the audience. I enjoyed seeing Jeremy chuckling during the video clips (which we got to see from beginning to end!) Really interesting to see how the show is made and looking forward to seeing the final product on Nov. 18!

  3. Had tickets to the Saturday taping. Unfortunately between here and there, everything that could go wrong, did, and never made it down to southern ca. 🙁

  4. I was at the tapping on Saturday… I wish so badly I was there for the studio recording on Sunday! But I got jezza’s signature and shook hands with the other two… I’m satisfied… for now!

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