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The Grand Tour Delayed Further Thanks To Producer Getting Coronavirus Yet Again

It wasn’t long ago that The Grand Tour’s Madagascar episode was delayed from release, due to Andy Wilman’s case of the Coronavirus. Unsurprisingly, the illness kept the executive producer from effectively overseeing the remote editing of the program.

Since Wilman caught the virus, and thought he had recovered, he and Jeremy Clarkson shared an update into the timeline of their finishing the episode, which has since been passed by several weeks.

Now, in a column for The Sun, Clarkson writes about his lifelong friend’s illness, saying that after seemingly recovering, his illness has returned. Wilman apparently got over the bulk of his symptoms, then a few weeks later, has relapsed back into a stupor.

I had a Zoom call with him this week and it was like talking to a sea lion. All of which makes me wonder about Boris Johnson.

Clarkson not only expressed worry for his pal, but also for Boris Johnson, who he wonders whether or not will also fall ill for another wave of the virus.

As the duo explained in a live-stream, Wilman has to review thousands of hours of footage for every special episode of The Grand Tour, and this virus makes that nearly impossible for him.

Aside from the Madagascar special being repeatedly delayed, the crew also had to cancel plans to shoot the follow-up episode, which was going to take place in Russia.

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