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This Is Probably The New Mercedes-AMG GT Black

Long ago, back in the forgotten wildlands of 2008, Jeremy Clarkson fell head-over-heels for the Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Series, so much so that he bought one new and kept it all the way until 2015. One wonders how he made it that long, given that it has no back seats, terrible gas mileage, a maintenance schedule that made for one of the funniest TopGear News segments of all time, and an automatic gearbox. It must have handled pretty well, then.

Thankfully, that engineering prowess lived on in AMG’s next supercars, most notably in the AMG GT S, the car that won Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car despite its automatic transmission, twin turbos, and electronic everything. Then came the AMG GT R, which was designed to be a proper competitor to the Nissan GT-R, despite having two more cylinders and two fewer drive wheels. And in Mercedes tradition, it looks like that GT R is going to be getting the Black treatment pretty soon.

YouTuber Supercarsfromeu spied what’s very likely the AMG GT Black testing at the Nurburgring, complete with a nuclear-green paint job and a carbon fiber roof. The sound is every bit as vicious as the GT S, complete with the trademark AMG growl and near-constant exhaust pops which give a tingly feeling to petrolheads the world over. Strangely, there’s only one swirly camo panel on the entire car, which happens to be the trunk lid right over the badge; this is likely to prevent anyone from definitely confirming that it’s the Black Series, even though there isn’t really another badge it could have.

The AMG GT Black is supposed to drop next year, likely with a host of aerodynamic and chassis improvements over the GT S. These improvements sadly do not include a naturally aspirated engine, but Mercedes has managed to make the twin-turbo V8 work so magically well, I don’t think anyone’s really going to care.

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