The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour Episode 3 Cheat Sheet on What to Expect

The boys are going back home and taking the big Grand Tour Tent with them as they head back to Whitby. Mainly because of the fish and chips along with the fact they couldn’t find a big enough area in London to pitch their tent, the only thing missing is a grand parade that welcomes them back like conquering heroes.

Now, what do we know about this upcoming episode?

There’s even more than what you see on this trailer.

The Italy road trip where the boys are welcomed by thousands of waiting fans, who catch a glimpse of their Aston Martin DB11, the Rolls Royce and Dodger Challenger Hellcat.

Here’s a clip of what the boys drove through:

A few months ago, there was a calling for audience applications and then the tapings began. There were stunts in the harbor with a jet ski colliding and fireworks exploding. We know that killing celebrities is a thing now, so next up is UK star, Jimmy Car.

We know that Jeremy Clarkson’s house is going to get demolished and literally blown up.

Jeremy Clarkson Blows Up His Farm During a Funeral for New Country Home

A lot of fans know how much the boys love their interceptors and they were spotted in Whitby during their time there, so it’s pretty much a done deal that they’re going to make an appearance on the show.

What are you looking forward to the most?

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