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The Grand Tour: Fans Threaten To Cancel Amazon Subscription After No News On Next Episode

Fans of The Grand Tour have been waiting patiently for the next episode for almost a year since The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen was aired mid-December of last year. Since then, they’ve been teased with a release date of September 4th by IMDB where it was later revealed that this had been a mistake, and teased constantly by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May after they explained that the episode based in Madagascar was finished.

With the finished episode now in the hands of Amazon, even Jeremy Clarkson is seemingly beginning to get annoyed at the lack of information the streaming company is giving out. Now, alongside this, the fans are getting just as restless with some threatening to cancel their subscriptions.

Here are some screenshots from our Facebook page:

These are only a small number of the complaints regarding The Grand Tour and Amazon’s handling of its release, with thousands more comments littering social media threatening to cancel if news isn’t released on the subject very soon.

There is still little news in the way of a release date, with the latest from the PR team only revealing that it will be here before Christmas. This is the same with Clarkson’s new series on farming, aptly named “I Bought The Farm”. IMDB also doesn’t have a release date for James May’s new cooking show, ‘Oh Cook!’, despite the accompanying cookbook being available for pre-order in the UK a few days ago.

We will of course let you know when we hear something, but for now, fans might need to make some noise.

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