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The Grand Tour Forced To Cancel Future Plans As The Pandemic Continues

Fans of The Grand Tour will be disappointed to find out that the show has cancelled its future plans to go to Russia after the pandemic had previously made it unable to film in the country.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May will return to The Grand Tour in the upcoming episode, Carnage A Trois, but now executive producer Andy Wilman has confirmed that a future episode in the snow won’t be going ahead, despite them already planning the episode over a year ago.

Talking to, Andy Wilman said the following: “It would be back to being a proper road trip, but it will be across the Arctic Circle and it will be tough – at least I hope we will be tough because we’ll be going in the depths of winter.”

When asked about Russia, he revealed: “We’re not going to try that one again. Because for the next foreign special we want to go into the snow.

“So we want to go up into Scandinavia to do that.

“There’d be no room for the Russian one as well, because that was all about snow and being in that environment.

“We have to plan five or six months ahead. And right now with Norway, Sweden and Finland, we can plan what the entry requirements are.

“We know what they want Covid wise.

“So if we do Scandinavia, I don’t see us going back to Russia for what we planned.”

The pandemic has foiled many plans held by The Grand Tour, with them being forced to stay in the United Kingdom for the latest two episodes, the second of which will be released on the 17 of this month. We’re disappointed to hear that they won’t be going to Russia, especially as they haven’t featured that country in so long.

But, with the promise of them going to the Arctic Circle instead, we’re very excited to see what the show has in store for us over the next year or so.

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