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Sergio Perez’s Controversial Collision with Yuki Tsunoda Ignites F1 Fans’ Outrage

The Singapore Grand Prix Incident Sparks Debate Over Fairness and Consistency in F1 Stewardship

F1 fans have been voicing their frustration and disappointment with Red Bull driver Sergio Perez after a dramatic incident at the start of the Singapore Grand Prix. This incident involved a collision with Yuki Tsunoda, which ultimately led to the Japanese driver’s early retirement from the race on only the second lap.

Tsunoda, racing for AlphaTauri, promptly reported to his team that he had suffered a puncture due to the contact with Perez, which forced him to pull his car off the track. Fortunately, Tsunoda managed to position his stricken car behind the race barrier, preventing the need for a safety car or a red flag situation.

However, the most perplexing aspect of this incident was the lack of investigation by the race stewards into Perez’s actions. On-board footage of the incident quickly made its way to social media platforms, where fans wasted no time in expressing their displeasure with the Mexican driver, labeling his move as “disgusting.”

“Perez taking Yuki out of the race but no investigation or even it being shown on Sky F1 coverage… red bull running the FIA and the media…”

In an interesting twist, one fan even suggested that AlphaTauri might be handicapped in raising disputes with Red Bull, which only fueled further discontent among fans.

Comparisons were drawn to a similar incident involving Lewis Hamilton, who received a penalty for a similar maneuver during the Belgian Grand Prix. This inconsistency in penalties raised eyebrows among fans and left them questioning the fairness of the sport’s governing decisions.

“Lewis got penalized at Spa for far less contact. Red Bull follow a different set of rules.”

It’s worth noting that some fans pointed out that the broadcasting decisions during the race do not fall under the purview of Sky F1, emphasizing the need for transparency in how incidents are assessed and penalties are applied.

“Race footage is directed, produced and transmitted by F1 on a global feed to all broadcasters. It’s not sky, they just comment on what they see. Pre and post race sky do their own thing.”

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