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The Grand Tour Hosts: Best Stuff from the Adam Carolla Podcast

A few weeks ago when the boys were in California, they headed over to Glendale, CA to join noted petrolhead, Adam Carolla, for his extremely popular podcast – the Adam Carolla Show.

We took a listen this morning and it was just great listening to the guys talk about their time on Top Gear and how it’s been a slight blessing in disguise that the fracas happened and now they have a chance to do The Grand Tour.

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We wanted to share with you some of our favorite moments and insights we learned from the show, so please leave a comment below and let us know yours.

Adam Carolla is a Genuine Fan

“My Heroes are here” – Adam Carolla

James May on Why No One can Imitate their Success

“That’s why no one has ever been able to imitate us successfully.  No other group of 3 people can loath each other with quite the passion and intensity that we have”

Clarkson on Chemistry

“Everyone imagines chemistry is a good thing. Well, TNT is Chemistry!”

The Moment Everyone Took Notice of Top Gear

Clarkson talks about how they’ve been on for many years, under the radar, but when Hammond’s accident happened, everyone tuned in to see how he was going to be after the accident and then fortunately, they stuck around for more. It was a blessing in disguise that they got to work on their chemistry to get it to a good place for that moment.

There is a Track for The Grand Tour

At about the 9 minute mark of the interview, Clarkson talks about the track they have for The Grand Tour, which is in the woods and full of deer. This is somewhat surprising as earlier reports were The Grand Tour not being allowed to have a track like the one they had on Top Gear. This is tremendous news for some fans who want to keep some of the old elements of the show.

Clarkson on How Brilliant He Is

Talking about his time on Top Gear, Jeremy says he “joined in 89 and left in 92 because  . . . I was brilliant, actually”

James May joining the show late

“You drove too slowly to enter the first show.” – Clarkson

Clarkson on the BBC

“I’m not banned from the BBC. I just don’t do Top Gear.” – Clarkson

Responding to what’s new on the show

“It’s still us three. I’m bombastic, he’s still short, James is lost and slow. That’s basically what happens every week. At it’s core, it’s still us three.” – Clarkson

Favorite Car Talk as Adam drops his love for the Lamborghini SV Miura

Later in the interview, Carolla brings up the most beautiful cars and he had to share one from his personal collection, the Lamborghini SV Miura, which he later invites Clarkson to go check out after the show. (Clarkson basically says . . if he has time)


Clarkson picks AC Cobra.


May – Ferrari 275 GTS


May – Ferrari Superamerica


DT Pantera


Jensen Interceptor


Aston Martin DB11



The Guys talk about Paris Hilton

Adam Carolla basically says that there are moments when a car can be ruined and seeing Paris Hilton in an LFA is an example of that moment.

We won’t post a picture because we don’t want to ruin it for you. We care.

Jeremy Clarkson on Getting the Better of the New Top Gear

Honestly . . we have a tactful answer prepared for this . . . . we’ve been focusing on the grand tour for the last 12 months. We haven’t REALLY paid attention . . there’s another huge huge tv show called Bake=Off and that’s going through some problems as well.

We are genuinely have been a year, solidly on the road making our show and that’s all we really care about . . . . how pro was that? !?!?!

How Ferraris feel to Jeremy Clarkson

“Ferrari’s never feels just like a car. It Feels exciting . . . . like you’re being tickled by a couple of naked Vietnamese girls.”

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