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New Ford Bronco Could Actually Dance Using New Suspension Technology

Fans of the Ford Bronco have been waiting in anticipation for information on the new model and the smaller Bronco Sport, an announcement which was slated for the 2020 New York Auto Show which was due to take place this month. Sadly the motor show was delayed until August due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fans are hoping that Ford will be kind enough to showcase the new vehicles online before August but don’t hold your hopes up too much – however, until the much-anticipated announcement – Motor Trend has discovered some very intriguing new details regarding Fords upcoming off-road models.

Motor Trend discovered a patent which was submitted by Ford to the United States Patent and Trademark Office which describes a brand new, and pretty unique, hardware and software setup. This new set up is set to link up the suspension system to the onboard computer which monitors the ride height and adjusts it automatically in response to traffic, weather, terrain and, wait for it, even music.

Alongside this new feature, the driver will, of course, be able to select different suspension modes for their preferred ride height. The patent also tells us the system is going to be called ‘Anomaly Mitigation Suspension Mode’ but Ford has also trademarked the term ‘G.O.A.T Modes’ – which we assume is a slight lean towards the likes of Tesla and their quirky naming of modes, such as ‘Ludicrous Mode’.

The technology hasn’t been confirmed as linked to the Bronco, mostly due to the announcement being delayed, but it is pretty clear these systems are designed for off-road cars. On the subject of off-roading, the patent also describes how the nose can be lowered when the car is going up steep hills – in order to give the driver a better field of view. Other modes listed within the patent include Entertainment Mode, Music Mode and Daredevil Mode – another nod we think to how Tesla has named the various modes within their collection.

Entertainment mode allegedly monitors the driver’s inputs to control the Music and Daredevil modes, we’re not entirely sure what this means but we’re sure looking forward to seeing what it entails. Music mode will apparently adjust the cars ride height in relation to the music you’re playing through the vehicle, which sounds to us like you’ll be able to dance your Bronco – it’s an idea we love and again, perhaps another nod to Tesla and their dancing Model X?

Daredevil is quoted as being:

The vehicle’s suspension height may be mapped to the target suspension height such that the vehicle . . . can be driven on, for example, two and/or three wheels without overturning

We think this could be very exciting and could catapult the Bronco further into the leagues of off-roading respectability – who knows, you might even be able to pull a wheelie, while your Bronco dances to your tunes. Either way, we’re excited and we’re sure that this new tech will make for some very interesting YouTube videos. We can only dream for now, but we will have to wait for the official announcement to see if any of this tech will actually be applied to the new 2021 Bronco. We’re pretty sure it will be but you can only hope at this point!

As with everything, we will keep you updated on what could be a very bucking Bronco.

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