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The Grand Tour: James May Didn’t Enjoy Filming Upcoming Season

The Grand Tour is back on the horse as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May recently return from filming in Scotland for the next episode of the car show. This, plus the upcoming Madagascar Special episode that’s been slated for a 2020 release date, has meant there’s plenty going on behind the scenes at Grand Tour Towers. But James May hasn’t been so enthusiastic about filming in a recent interview.

May, who is having is very own cooking show released later this month by the name of ‘Oh Cook’, has recently told the ins and outs of filming in the middle of the COVID pandemic.

“I wouldn’t say it was necessarily nice.

“But it was nice to get back to doing what we do. It was actually nice to see the crew again, as well.”

May continued:

“Because we hadn’t seen them – I had seen Clarkson and Hammond once or twice for some very distant meetings, you know, sort of waving and sort of opposite sizes of a garden or whatever.

“And we saw the crew again, after many, many, many months – for the best part of the year.

“In fact, that was all quite nice and doing it as a bubble, actually, we turned out to be quite good at it.

“The thing is, we were in an area of Scotland where there weren’t very many people anyway, we didn’t have to interact with the locals, particularly.”

May is obviously a fan of the social side to filming, and with the current regulations in place, this is highly limited. He goes into more detail about what this entails:

“There are complicated systems of cleaning things, testing things, keeping members of the crew in one crew car, not letting them mix up, only letting one person come into my car to check the cameras and putting some of the kits in the booth.

“So we’re not always getting in there. It’s a bit tiresome and pedantic and we have to be tested every day.

“But it didn’t actually get in the way of filming, to be honest. We can still feel just as real as it was.

“It’s all the peripheral stuff that becomes a bit more tiresome. You can’t go out to the pub, but then there wasn’t a pub. So…”

The Grand Tour Madagascar Special will be released by Amazon later this year, although a specific date is yet to be confirmed. It has however been confirmed that the latest release date of December 4 published by IMDB was wrong, and has since been taken down from the site.

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