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The Grand Tour: James May Has Already Crashed His Mitsubishi Evo While Filming Upcoming Special

Only yesterday did we first hear about The Grand Tour hitting the road once more to start filming for the next episode. After an Instagram post from Jeremy Clarkson showing us a couple of cars parked on a football pitch, we quickly got to work in deciphering what this meant.

Now, after finding out Jeremy, Richard Hammond, and James May are driving an Audi RS4, Subaru Impreza WRX, and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 respectively through Norway, we’ve heard that James has actually crashed his car already.

In what we expect to be an episode exploring not just the Arctic Circle, but the world of rallying and the rallying legends that came from Norway, the trio has visited the Henningsvaer Football Stadium. Here they photographed two of their cars, painted blue and yellow, and posted it to Clarkson’s Instagram account as a subtle tribute to Ukraine.

Now, according to Reddit user u/Jakobkonr, the boys have travelled to Bardufoss, where he took a photo with Richard and Jeremy at a gas station. Weirdly, you can see that Jeremy is reading a newspaper which has a story about Richard Hammond on the front page.

Jabobkonr explains in the comments to this post that James May wasn’t there because he’d recently crashed the Mitsubishi Evo 8 that he was driving. He wrote:

“He crashed the EVO while they were in Tromsø… I did not ask were he was.”

Tromsø is a city in Tromsø Municipality, Norway, and is known as the Arctic capital. It’s a great place to start an Arctic Circle adventure, and from here you can watch the Northern Lights or explore the city’s vast history. The sun never sets, so this will be an incredible place to watch Clarkson, Hammond, and May explore.

We’ll bring you more updates as the boys get deeper into the Arctic adventures so stick around for the latest Grand Tour news.

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