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Richard Hammond Pokes Fun At Jeremy Clarkson and James May In Great Escapists Interview

Later this month, Richard Hammond joins Tory Belleci for a show away from the usual presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James MayThe Great Escapists follows the duo as they’re left stranded on an island and are tasked to build an island of luxury from parts left over by the wreckage they rode in on.

Now, Hammond has opened up on how it feels to be working with new talent and on a project that doesn’t revolve around cars.

He said: “It’s really refreshing when somebody has the faith and confidence to let us just get on with it.

“In 30 years of broadcasting, it’s been the most exciting journey I’ve ever been on because from day one I looked around and thought, ‘Everyone around me is good at their job, and that’s why they’re here’.”

The presenters of The Grand Tour and previously Top Gear are used to working on separate projects, but Hammond was asked whether he’s talked to Clarkson and May about this.

He told “No, they do separate projects.

“We never… We do our own things.

“I wouldn’t ask for their feedback, it would be rude if they did,” he laughed.

“We’re all aware of what the other one is doing, that’s the joy.

“When you work in a team, that’s great, that’s its own world and it’s own thing, but you come away from it and do your own stuff and go back to it.

“One doesn’t affect the other.”

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