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The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson Shares Hilarious Video Of Mishap During Filming In Scotland

With The Grand Tour deep into its filming in Scotland, we’ve been treated to a video from Jeremy Clarkson of a mishap during his eating of a bacon and egg breakfast. With James May behind the “Covid camera”, the ex-Top Gear presenter explains how he’s already broken two plastic forks on a singular piece of bacon. The third attempt has now made it to his Instagram.

He takes the third and last fork available, and with a light touch and accompanying plastic knife, attempts to cut the meat. Timidly, he stabs at the tough bacon, and just as he begins explaining how this was the last fork, it breaks, and he and May burst out into laughter.

The comments on the post are equally as good, with user tlustejmroz explaining that “that May laugh at back is precious.”. 

User Eshan.mirash also chimes in with a Top Gear intro quip:

“Tonight, Jeremy eats some bacon, James laughs hysterically at Jeremy eating some bacon, and Richard wasn’t there because he doesn’t like bacon.”

Even ex-Top Gear presenter Julia Bradbury replies with a comment regarding the usage of plastic cutlery:

“Plastic crap that will end up in landfill. Use bamboo or sustainable wooden cutlery. Tell em #plasticpollution,” she says.

Plastic cutlery is being used in many cafes recently due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Being disposable, it’s easier for the venues to use these over metal cutlery they have to wash, and customers are more likely to trust an unopened and sealed set.

The Grand Tour was recently spotted driving three large and classic American cars with performance-enhancing modifications. Check out the video below and click here to get the latest details.

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