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The Grand Tour May Have Episodes with No Cars and That May Be Okay


When the boys were in Southern California a few weeks ago, they made the rounds doing interviews with media outlets such as Adam Carolla, Jalopnik and the LA Times.

With the LA Times, the host Charles Fleming asked the boys about the kinds of cars and motorized vehicles that are not cars at all. Most of the 10 minute interview covers all the basic questions, but with no real detailed answers. The best of the interview comes around the 6:45 mark where the boys talk about what the show is going to be and the surprising bit about how there may be shows with barely any cars at all.

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“As you would expect . . . some of the films we’ve made are pretty car oriented……and then some of them barely have a car in them and it’s just us three falling over . . . . .cuz there are some people who watch  us for to watch us getting everything wrong, catching fire. . . some people are the cars . . . it’s always quite difficult to get that balance right.” – Jeremy Clarkson

“The cars you want to see are there. We’ve hit the big ones. For the first show, it had to be and it is a bit of a statement. . . if you want to watch it for the cars, they are there!” – Richard Hammond

This definitely confirms some theories/rumors that the show has evolved from Top Gear, a show about cars that had happy accidents of friendship to The Grand Tour, a show about friendships that have happy accidents in cars. It’s as if Clarkson is sharing with us his side of the argument that he was rumored to have with the BBC for years.

“We have MORE fun driving really terrible old cars than new fast ones. It’s true fact. If you give us a terrible old car and put it somewhere entirely inappropriate – a dsesert or a mountain. Thats where we’re at our happiest is trying to do something where the viewer… you know the viewer is looking and go ‘I used to have one of those and it could barely get to the end of the street. How you think you going to get that over the Himalayas in that thing?” – Jeremy Clarkson

Clarkson is absolutely right when he says they are at their happiest as it’s proven to be where most fans have expressed their favorite moments of the show on our facebook page. When the hosts are the happiest, the true chemistry is allowed to shine and you some times forget about the junk they are driving through Africa, Burma, Alabama, etc.

At the end of the day, the two sides have definitely chosen their sides as the BBC are trying to show that people watched for the cars while the boys are going to see if everyone watched for the friendships and memories.

I think you can tell which side we’re on, but what did you mainly watch the old Top Gear for?

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