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What Will You Get from a Hennessey Ford Focus RS?

One of Jeremy Clarkson’s favorite cars, the Ford Focus RS, has grown into a monster of a hatchback, invigorating a genre of cars that normally was reserved for mpg than bhp.

Well, now Hennessey Performance, a company familiar with Clarkson’s favorite mantra “More Power!” and familiar with adding power to cars like the Vipers, Camaros and their famous Venom. Before you get to the video below, check out the video of Jezza reviewing the old Focus RS from his time on Top Gear.

Now, with the Focus already lighting the world on fire with it’s performance, what could Hennessey possibly do to ramp this hatchback up?

Well, here you go:


  • From 350 to 388 bhp
  • From 350 to 445 lb-ft torque

Upgrades Include:

  • Engine management software upgrade
  • Hand held programmer
  • Hennessey exterior badge
  • HPE400 exterior badge

h/t: Hennessey Performance

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