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The Grand Tour on Amazon: Gift Guide for Clarkson, Hammond and May Fans

Probably all of us love (old) Top Gear and The Grand Tour for their hosts: Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. We watch old TG episodes and their new show over and over again. But how about looking beyond your own nose for a while? There’s loads of stuff that goes beyond the mere episodes of their shows. However, navigating through the sea of merchandise and other things related to our favorite hosts can be tricky. Hence, we are going to offer you some help. This article contains a guide to (almost) everything TG and TGT related things you can buy on Have fun poking around!

The Grand Tour Merchandise

Of course, all of you know already that you can watch The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video. A DVD-Version isn’t available. But you can buy some merchandise on Amazon, mostly T-Shirts:

Host related stuff

As some of you may already know, Clarkson, Hammond and May have done things beside Top Gear and The Grand Tour. This list collects all things you should not miss out on.

Books written by Jeremy Clarkson

Books written by Richard Hammond

Books written by James May

Other video on demand content by Clarkson, Hammond and May

Since the guys also did other shows on TV besides Top Gear and The Grand Tour, here’s a collection of everything you can watch via Amazon Video and DVD.

Top Gear Stuff: Episodes, DVDs, Books and Merchandise

At the moment, Top Gear season 1 to 17 are available for on demand streaming via Amazon Prime Video. All other seasons can be bought for around $12.00 to $28.00, depending on the season and the streaming quality. But aside from this you can buy loads of other Top Gear related stuff on Amazon.

Top Gear and Top Gear US on DVD

You can find Top Gear UK season 10 to 22 on DVD on Amazon. The price range goes from around $11.50 to $24.00. Top Gear US season 1-5 is only available on DVD. Also, you can buy several extra DVDs, including a box with the complete specials from old Top Gear on 13 DVDs.

Top Gear Books

The following books on Top Gear are available on

Top Gear Merchandise and other stuff

You want to build your own Top Gear heaven-cave thingy? Then you probably need the following things:

This is it so far. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below. We will keep updating this list regularly, so keep coming back for more.

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