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How To Buy A V12 Ferrari For $60,000

In today’s roundup, we get to see cool safety cars, cool BMW roadsters, and a very uncool (yet somehow, a little bit cool) Rolls-Royce. Make sure to let us know what you think down below!

The Coolest F1 Safety Cars Of All Time

A Porsche 914, a Lamborghini Countach, a 911 GT2…I’m not talking about the inventory at your local exotic dealership. Instead, they’re actually some of the coolest cars ever to lead the F12 grid around a lap. Of course, it also included a Renault Clio, but that one probably won’t go down in history.

You Can Buy A V12 Ferrari For $57,000

Most people think a V12 Ferrari is completely unattainable, an expensive toy for the super-rich. But it turns out that thanks to the 456, one of the most tasteful, gentlemanly and surprisingly unloved Ferraris of all time. But that works out to our advantage, as you can pick one up today for very little money (by exotic standards, of course). Its exceptionally smooth and torquey V12 is actually pretty reliable, too.

Your Teacher Was Not As Cool As This One

My teachers in school drove some pretty stereotypically boring cars: my kindergarten teacher had a gold Subaru Outback, my first-grade teacher had a ghastly green Jeep Cherokee, and my high school government teacher had a Honda Odyssey. They certainly never had anything close to a Mk IV Supra, that’s for sure. But this teacher does, so he brought it to school with him. Chaos ensued.

James May Sells His Rolls-Royce Corniche

This article’s a bit of a throwback, to the time when James May finally unloaded his 1972 Rolls-Royce Corniche, which he apparently became allergic to, and broke out in hives whenever he drove it for more than half an hour. It’s a sad twist of fate, given that this car embodies the spirit of May better than perhaps any other.

The New BMW Z4 Concept Is Just…Wow

Twinned with the upcoming Toyota Supra, the new Z4 Concept was finally unveiled. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty fantastic.

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