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The Grand Tour: Richard Hammond Admits Him And Co-Presenters Have Spent Too Long Together

Richard Hammond and James May normally make their points against each other on camera resulting in some of the most unforgettable moments of The Grand Tour and Top Gear. But recently, the two hosts had an unusually long breakfast discussion which the hosts disclosed to media regarding their upcoming Amazon Prime Video special, A Massive Hunt.

James May obviously struggled to hold his cool during one breakfast with co-host Richard Hammond during the trio’s promotion for The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt set in Madagascar.


Amazon’s latest exclusive length episode has been postponed for several months due to the current Coronavirus outbreak.

When Britain exits its second lockdown under different incremental limits, all three of the presenters withheld the possibility of quarantine with their fellow drivers.

Richard Hammond recalled:

“There are two answers. The first is a sense of utter revulsion and terror at the very prospect. Dear God.

“But, you know what, probably better than most, because we’ve been working and living together in a bubble for twenty years anyway, haven’t we?” the host jokingly concluded.

Now regarded as one of Britain’s most reputable show hosts, the three automotive lovers have worked together since the first season of Top Gear in 2002, with James May joining the second series..

While their squabbling is often seen on screen, the hosts maintain better standing and have taken their on-camera chemistry to their latest Amazon Prime series, The Grand Tour.

Hammond revealed the trio have known each other too well than intended to since they have been working with each other for far too long.

Hammond shared how he was almost pushed to his breaking point by co-host James May, who has recently .

“A while ago I was making my breakfast, spreading some marmite on toast. And James was standing there, and he suddenly erupted,” Hammond shared.

A relatively peaceful morning had been suddenly disrupted by the temper of James May, who had been holding calm while Hammond fiddled with his breakfast.

Jeremy Clarkson

Hammond revealed:

“It turned out he hates the way I spread my marmite to the edge of the toast and just detonated at me.”

Hammond confessed the confrontation was a wake-up call for all of them as they discovered how long Hammond’s marmite-spreading habit had been troubling his co-star.

James May

The presenter continued:

“That’s when we both stopped and realized, we have spent too long together.

Because, it’s not only the fact that he’s noticed that, it’s that for so many years it’s been annoying to him the way I make my own breakfast. It speaks to how many breakfasts we’ve shared together.”

Given their endless feuding during their races, tests, and globe-trotting exploits, the hosts of The Grand Tour all admitted they were going to do better than most in a lockdown with each other.

However, Richard Hammond thought that such a thought may contribute to sleepless nights.

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond

Finally, Hammond concluded the revelation:

“I don’t want to lockdown with them, but I know we’d survive, because we’re kind of used to it. It’s an odd thought though, I’m not going to sleep tonight.”

The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt is available for streaming on 18th December on Amazon Prime Video.

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