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Jeremy Clarkson Admits Madagascar Special Will Make Grand Tour And Top Gear History For One Special Reason

The next episode of The Grand Tour will be here within the week and we’re getting very excited to see where their trip through Madagascar is going to take them as they hunt for buried pirate treasure. But in a recent promo video on The Grand Tour’s Twitter account, Jeremy Clarkson was keen to make it known just how difficult it was to cross the terrain of the East-African island.

Clarkson, joined by co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May, modified three unsuspecting cars for their Madagascan adventure. But while the cars, a Bentley GT Continental, a Ford Focus RS, and a Caterham, were adequately modified for menial off-road tasks, Madagascar through the worst roads they’ve ever driven on their way.

Clarkson said on the following:

“A Massive Hunt, that’s what’s next. This is our newest special and we did it in Madagascar, largely.

“Reunion to start with.

“I think it’s probably fair to say it was not the hardest, that would have been the North Pole, but the toughest roads we’ve ever driven on.”

He also admitted that something happened during filming that’s never happened before on a film:

“And it’s the first time, I think ever, that one of us fails to finish.

The only problem is, it was filmed such a long time ago, we can’t remember which of us it was.”

It’s been about a year since the latest episode of The Grand Tour was aired, and several months since the Madagascar Special, A Massive Hunt, had finished n the editing booth. With this information becoming apparent, fans grew tired of the long wait, as did presenter Jeremy Clarkson who would constantly make remarks on his social sites.

Finally, after several false release dates, the correct date for the show is known to be the 18th December 2020, so fans will likely be sighing in relief to know when they can indulge in their favourite car show once again.

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