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The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson Worried He Would Be Murdered During Filming Of Madagascar Special

Jeremy Clarkson of The Grand Tour has put himself in many dangerous situations behind the wheel of brilliant cars during filming, but the presenter has only recently admitted to feeling like he was going to be “murdered or eaten” during the recording of the next special episode.

The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt, will be coming to Amazon Prime Video on the 18th of December, and promises a dangerous hunt for lost pirate treasure in Madagascar, with the trio, including Richard Hammond and James May, wielding three highly modified cars.

Clarkson, the ex-Top Gear presenter admitted just how dangerous it was while driving on the awful roads of the East-African country. It became a tense thought when they realised they were doing to have to sleep outside in between hotels. It got to the point where Clarkson started to worry about the sounds of snapping twigs outside his tent, with this either being a wild animal or someone coming to kill him during the night.

While explaining this scenario, he questioned why someone would choose to do such a thing while on holiday:

“What in the name of God would cause someone to think, ‘Right. I can’t go to Spain or Greece, so I shall buy a tent and go to Shropshire instead’?

“I do a lot of camping when I’m making my television programme — and it’s horrible.

“It’s damp, cold and desperately uncomfortable — and nothing you ever cook is even halfway towards being edible.

“There are spiders and you have to defecate in the woods, like an animal.”

He continued in his column for The Sun:

“You can’t shout at your children, or try to make more of them with your wife, because the neighbours are only six feet away and you’re only separated by two scraps of nylon,” he explains.

“So they can hear everything. And so can you. Including the snap of a twig at four in the morning which causes you to think you’re about to be ­murdered or eaten.

“And all camping equipment doesn’t work.

“Your pillow feels like it’s full of damp gravel, your mattress has the give of steel, your stove won’t light and your sleeping bag will give you an idea of what it’s like to be dead.”

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