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The Grand Tour Rumors: Ariel Atom Might Be Making an Appearance in California

In season 5 of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson featured a car that he called “driving nirvana” and thousands of memes have been made from the sheer joy and pleasure he got from driving it around the Top Gear track.

The car made such an impression on Clarkson, that it was brought back for Season 16 when James May raced a bunch of supercars in it. Now, it looks like it will be brought back again, or will it?

Season 5 Episode


Season 16 Episode

As the boys head to California this weekend, it looks like a couple of Ariel Atoms will be meeting them there as well. According to the facebook page of Sector 111 (no relation to Area 51), they will be sending @thegrandtour_uk a blue Ariel Atom to the “shoot this weekend.”

Sector 111 are aftermarket leaders in lightweight sports cars and specialize in Lotus, Ariel, BAC, Alfa and Drakan vehicles. They’re also located in Murrieta, CA, so this just further helps the rumors that they are bringing these vehicles to the shoot.

So, the obvious thing here is that the boys will be racing the Atoms around California this upcoming weekend, BUT this may not be the case, since they tagged the UK twitter account.

We know that The Grand Tour tent is being set up near Jeremy Clarkson’s recently blown up house and that Andy Wilman has said they overlap their shoots like a traveling rock concert, so it’s a possibility that these atoms are indeed going to the UK.

My money is on the California shoot, so let us know what you think.

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