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The Grand Tour Scotland Special – Teaser Released For New Episode ‘Lochdown’

While it’s been full steam ahead on other projects for Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May on other projects such as Clarkson’s Farm and other new businesses, we’ve finally heard news of the next Grand Tour episode.

The trio are heading to Scotland in a new episode called Lochdown, with a teaser being shared to Tiki’s Tok. We already know that the episode consists of the trio driving from Edinburgh to the Hebrides in three large, classic American cars, but now we can see a few more details of their Scottish drive.


Pssst… who wants to see the trailer for The Grand Tour Presents… #Lochdown

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We can see James May driving over a floating bridge over a body of water before getting stuck. This leaves Clarkson with a “brilliant idea”, with it looking like him attempting to ram James’ car to get him moving again. This results in the standard shouting of “Clarkson”, before the screen fades. 

With James May driving a red Cadillac, Richard driving a green Buick, and Jeremy a blue Lincoln, we’re very interested in how they trio cope in Scotland with these large American boats. 

Everything We Know About The 2021 Scotland Special

While the name has been revealed to be ‘Lochdown‘, a release date is yet to be revealed. But eep your eyes peeled because as soon as we find out, we’ll let you know!

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