The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour Season 3 Trailer: Complete Breakdown

So the trailer is finally out after months of waiting! If you haven’t yet seen it, click the button below to be taken straight to it. If you have, but want a complete breakdown of what you’ve seen, then read on!

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Hammond’s In Danger!

Yet again, Hammond is putting himself in danger in what seems to be Colombia driving the might Chevrolet Silverado. You can find more information on their Colombia adventures here.

Detroit Muscle

The boys take to Detroit with three super muscle cars: the Dodge Demon, Hennessey Exorcist, and a tuned Ford Mustang. Find out more and see behind the scenes videos of this by clicking here.

Luxury Saloons

We think this is China, where the trio take three luxury saloons and compare them against China’s best example. Read more and see behind the scenes content by clicking here!

Clarkson Drives The Urus

Lamborghini’s new super SUV is taken through its paces by the big ape! Read more about what we know about this and behind the scenes photos by clicking here!

James May plays the bag pipes in Scotland

The trio head to Scotland to take on a Scottish rally. Read about what went on by clicking here!

Desert Fun

The trio seem to be taking to the desert for one of their Season 3 adventures. News on this has been non-existant so we’ll be sure to keep you posted!


More Colombia Madness!

Sideways in Scotland!

Trucking Across the Desert With Three… Things

See that wing on the caravan up front? Yeah, we don’t know either.

Jeremy Clarkson On A Bicycle

Judging by the rain it’s possible that this is a shot from Scotland, possibly during the time his car broke down. Again, click here to learn more!

Urus VS Porsche

Clarkson drives a Lamborghini Urus on the snow and goes head to head with a Porsche. Again, you can click here for more info. 

Abbie Eaton Returns!

It turns out it’s Abbie Eaton who is behind the wheel of the Porsche which confirms she is definitely coming back for a third season!

Who knows…

Clarkson’s Stone Head Falls

Looking back to the beginning of The Grand Tour’s life, we’ve seen a few stone heads of the presenters. Why? We have no idea. Apart from it being good promo of course. Now they’re just using them as cannon fodder. Does this mark the end of The Grand Tour? Probably not.

Clarkson Reviews The McLaren Senna

Clarkson takes to the Eboladrome behind the wheel of the McLaren Senna. See more about the Senna by clicking here!


It looks like we’re going to see plenty of explosions during Season 3 of The Grand Tour, hopefully not Hammond related. Although, what you can see here is helicopter. And as you all know, Hammond does fly helicopters

So that’s it for the trailer!

Make sure to favourite our SEASON 3 COUNTDOWN so you know exactly when it’s going to air!

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